When I heard bits and pieces of the ongoing hearing I thought those senators were kind of funny. What were they trying to prove? Each person had five minutes to ask questions; how can you question someone in such a way?
Has anybody followed the whole show?

Transcript of the hearing:
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera.
I watched it up to the first break they had and agree, what's 5 minutes questioning going to achieve?  I saw something online too about the lack of knowledge Senate had over 'the web' and how it works.  Some mightily stupid remarks made.  I'll see if I can find it.  I'm not really a big fan of facebook, or social media.  It completely removes the social aspect of life which I much prefer to texting/messaging.  By that I mean with close family and friends.  Most people I know 'personally' do not want phone calls, they don't even say 'mail me' anymore.  It's all message and text and I do not like to converse that way.  I like texting for quick 'where are you' type contact, but not 'hi, how are you' conversations.  I can't be bothered and it's too fussy.  Something like facebook is good for organising or advertising stuff, like group nights out etc.  But I still chuckle at a post someone put up that said 'thank god for facebook otherwise I'd have had to tell 136 people individually that I was on my way to the gym'.  I don't see why anyone would be interested if I'm drinking coffee in Costa or that it's raining outside.  Unless I was recommending Costa coffee (which I don't).

I'll stop thare as that was getting close to a haggie rant lol

I love everybody.  Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face. <~~~~ for Jeff vid clips
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