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We like in a lovely green area with lots of trees, deer, and . . . mice.

Last week I was in the kitchen my 4 cats. The cats were on the floor, waiting for their dinner, (about to jump on the counter, no doubt) when this little mouse comes running through. The mouse ran right through where my cats were (they were in a kind of circle formation) and do you know what they did???

Nothing! They just looked at him as he took off! They did nothing!!!

Allan and I were stunned. Not that I would advocate for murder in my home, though. We will get the kind of traps that you can release the little critters out into the woods.

But my cats!!!

And the dogs didn't do anything, either. My husband says dogs aren't supposed to chase mice, that's the cats job. Maybe they just figured the mouse was another addition to the group.

Then last week my daughter said she heard scurrying about in the ducts . . . 


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LOL! And eww...  Cats are so unreliable! [biggrin] 

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Some cats are very good mousers.  I had a dear Siamese that I adored and he was so good at catching every bug and moth and spider he ever saw (and which he promptly ate) that I never really had to many bugs around.  Hunting was in his nature and he loved it.  
One day my mother, who had a phobia about mice, called me with tears flowing and hysteria in her voice.  "Come and get the mouse!  There's a mouse in the house!" 
I grabbed my guy - Oscar - and up we went to Mom's house. 
I asked her where she last saw him and she said it was in the bathroom. 
Easy!  I put Oscar in the bathroom and shut the door.  Within seconds there was a bit of commotion in there and we quickly opened the bathroom. 
There sat Oscar.  Looking proud.  He knew he had done the job he had been expected to do. Dead mouse, with what appeared to be a broken neck and a little blood, lay on the floor at Oscar's feet.  I hate to see a mouse get killed.  I really do but we live in a hot spot for hantavirus and you cannot take chances with mice around.  
My mother got a cat right after that and never had a mouse problem again.   Her new cat was a good mouser.

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Lol. I need to get me an Oscar mouser. A reliable mouser. 

I would ask to borrow yours, but I noticed you said had. May your Oscar RIP.

I have 15 year old Cleo. Seven year old Charlie. Four year old Marley. (Didn't rhyme on purpose) and Three year old Nala. We watched the mouse run away and my husband says, "We need to get a cat. Oh wait, we have four." Lol.

You can get the traps that don't kill them, though, and that's what I'll do. I don't mind mice, just not in my house. But I hate the thought of killing them.

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I wanted an orange kitty, a tomcat, and was gonna name him "Prince Hairy" 'cause he's a ginger, or "Orange Furby Hair Ball" but ended up not getting him. And think of him with yearning.
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