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Moonie Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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Seems like the whole world is sinking away in a snoozy summer slumber, but I am very much awake! Especially now that I have read that The Man will release a new album this Fall:

Artist: Van Morrison
Title: Born to Sing: No Plan B
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Label: Blue Note
Format(s): CD, DD
Van Morrison is returning to Blue Note Records (a part of the EMI Group) for his album Born to Sing: No Plan B. Due October 2, the album is his first since 2008's Keep it Simple and his first for Blue Note since 2003's What's Wrong With This Picture?

Morrison said of his new alliance "With most record companies being so corporate I am happy to be working with Don Was and the team at Blue Note. To have such a creative music person as the head of my recording label assures me that all the effort taken to write and record this new album will be rewarded with a music-based focus and marketing approach. I look forward to many recording projects with Don and Blue Note."
Was added "Over a career that spans decades, Van Morrison has developed a body of work that is unparalleled in its consistent excellence. He is one of the greatest singer/songwriter/musicians of all time. We are incredibly honored that he has chosen to record for the Blue Note label and look forward to many fruitful years together."
Morrison also produced the album, which was recorded in Belfast.
Track List:
 •Open The Door (To Your Heart)
 •Going Down To Monte Carlo
 •Born To Sing
 •End Of The Rainbow
 •Close Enough For Jazz
 •Mystic Of The East
 •Retreat And View
 •If In Money We Trust
 •Pagan Heart
 •Educating Archie

Read more:

I wonder how long both parties will stay in love.

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Moonie Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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So, Van has released a new album: Born to sing: no plan B. I have just finished listening to it for the first time.
Before I bought it, I tried to read as many reviews as I could. Many were/are surprisingly positive.
Even with all its familiarity the album sounds good. I think I will like this one.

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Hugs :-)
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"Catches up on the latest racing results on his tranny" .... that did give me a giggle reading that Martine.  Of course Tranny this time referring to the old Transistor radio and not a man dressed as a woman, but it kinda puts that in to your mind   

Out of interest Martine would you automatically buy a Van Morrison album whether you liked it or not? ..... I must admit i am one of those sorts of fans of groups or a artist who i would normally just stick to their older stuff and not really bother with their new material.    I guess that doesnt make me much of a fan really and probably im missing out on a lot .... either that or im stuck in a time warp

Im very glad you liked Vans new album

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate

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True Grit Fanatic
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Oh my wife is a Van Fanatic....and a Peyton Manning fanatic, too.

Moonie Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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Oh heavens, BB. What do you do when she listens to Van? You have to retreat to the basement? Or you lock you lady up in the shed?

Yes, I buy all his albums; even if I suspect I will not get vintage Van. One great song per album is enough to last a whole lifetime. I also buy other music, but I will never get Van out of my system.
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