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Back to the tennis.  As many on here may be aware, I'm a huge tennis fan, but not of Serena.  Her behaviour was disgraceful as was the crowds.  Between her and them, they reduced the US Open to the level of a Millwall home game.  Not many people will understand that, but please don't feel the need to google that, it's not usually nice reading.

It seems the rich and famous back her, but the ordinary man on the street are less than impressed.  I'm just ordinary but have loved tennis for decades.  But, in the past the likes of McEnroe, Nastase, Roddick and lately Kyrgios (an Australian I might add) have received violations and fines for their less than sportsmanlike behaviour on and off court.  She did not receive treatment that others, male and female, have not suffered.  She should never claim to speak for us females as she's only ever concerned about herself.  Sexism exists, but she appears to be happy to band it around only for her benefit and excuse.  She lost, she should deal with it.  But just like some other players, she'll blame everyone else for her failure.


I love everybody.  Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face. <~~~~ for Jeff vid clips

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Originally Posted by Nicky

As for America... hmmm... It's a bit like going to Europe and saying "all Europeans believe..." or "This random Yugoslavian person represents all of Europe." America is huge with great cultural divides and can't be summed up so easily. When we moved from Southern California to Washington state a few years ago it was like moving to a different country - same language (for the most part) but very different style of relating to each other. Still very liberal, so it wasn't about the politics, but it took a lot to get used to.

This is what I love about the U.S. --- so many different parts and each one with its own vibe. I was amazed, the difference between New York City or L.A. or San Fransisco (even within the same State it's so varied) or Boston, or the South. I am Canadian, near Toronto, but I love the States. (I don't call it "America" as I think of that more as a continent, but we refer to our neighbors as the U.S. or the States. I know in Europe it's "America." Anyway, the people have always been so friendly and welcoming. I know there are a lot of problems with Trump right now which are tearing the country apart, but negating that, I still love the States.

As for the tennis part of this conversation - not really a tennis fan and saw it on the news, but not enough to comment. I did see that Serena stopped the booing, though, for what its worth.
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