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No Ambrosia, I do not find Jimmuh offensive. If he stops smoking, maybe it will come to that. Just pray they don't make him stop drinking. As they say in the old Westerns: "Smile when you say that, Partner." Hard to send the grin on the written page. Irony, not everybody gets it.
You know what chaps my ass? A flame about three feet tall! You can take that one literally!
Ironically yours always!
  Coy Roy
PS: I wish Nicky would add "Jimmuh" to the spell check dictionary so I don't have to keep accepting that word.

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Oh gosh CR...I don't get the flame statement...sorry.  dumb duh dumbie here.  'splain please?


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my boyfriend is half "oriental". don't feel safe to say which country now. i might show it to him and see what he thinks. on second thought, i'm out of here and won't be back.
K9 Compassion. i love the work they do, they rescue dogs who are made to fight. how could anyone do that to an animal. i support them with monthly donations.

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oh Jimmuh, if only - no way do they speak like that in Manchester, England - you'd have to go further south for the "old bean" lingo I'm afraid.

Your little story reminded me of the film "The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three" starring the great Walter Matthau (a '70s film about terrorism on the New York underground) where Walter's character was taking a group of Japanese businessmen round his office, taking the crap out of their culture (thinking they were foreigners who didn't understand English), later the foreign guests could perfectly understand everything he'd been saying but were actually ok about it.

So basically, if it's read in the correct context it's funny.

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Please don't feel bad and leave. You seemed to be having fun here, and you seem like a very nice person. I know that you are upset, but the Internet can be a funny place. I've sent you a PM.
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