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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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I hope I didn't sound racist writing about the ubiquitous Meghan Markle ! It's just that I had always assumed an English Royal had to marry an English person or at least Irish, Scottish or Welsh. I have often read about the huge uproar when the weak looking Duke of Windsor insisted on marrying the American divorcee Wallis Simpson, which led to his losing the Throne ! Because she was not English, and was divorced, as well as being "common," LOL. Recently I read that Wallis was never in love with him, actually she loved a married man, and didn't even visit the Duke the last two weeks of his life as he lay dying and pitifully calling out for her.
BTW, Markle's half-sister is consumed with jealousy, and also exploiting the situation by coming out with a book called "Princess Pushy." 
Markle's father really does look kind of common with his huge beer belly, wonder if he will get to walk her down the aisle. He lives in a mobile home somewhere. Not very affluent.
I doubt Markle is as sort of reprehensibly ambitious as her relative portrays her. Prince Harry surely would be able to see through that--he isn't stupid, is he? Or is he. He seems quite likeable.

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Oh come on! How come this thread has attracted so many spammers?! I love interior design but how does that fit into a discussion about the royal family? Please stop trying to sell us stuff here! 

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Well, sorry everyone - this thread seems to be very attractive to spammers! We can carry on our conversation around them or I can just close the thread - your choice.

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Hey Nicky,

I wouldn't let them get the better of you, besides, they might only come back on a different thread. So I vote to ignore them, but see what others say. I feel I sort of started it, because I was mentioning getting tv shows (won't say the name). Just goes to show you never know who is watching. 

On a different note, I think we will give The Crown a go. My brother liked it as well.

We've finished Game of Thrones . . . back to crap tv or You Tube stuff, reading. But when I knit, I need to watch something.
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