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If you are using the Android Box then there are many apps available to watch movies and shows online. Few of them listed the Terrarium TV but I have something more than that. Mobdro, With this, you can stream up to 1000+ live channels on any Android OS devices. It is completely free to use.

Get APK here:

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I forgot to mention the features of the Mobdro app. Here are the top features of this app.
  • It can compatible with any Android device and should be installed with 4.2 or later. 
  • Also works on the Windows PC and Mac using the Android emulators.
  • Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV support for wider screen experience. 
  • Updates and News.
  • It can run on Kodi as well.
  • Watch Sports, Games, Movies, Shows, Channels, Podcasts, serials, cartoons, etc.
  • User-friendly GUI. 
Let's make your device with entertainment hub by installing the Mobdro apk file. 

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Thanks for the info Hag and Keerthi.

I did try to download Terrarium on my android box but I must have done something wrong. I will try again with Mobdro.  I'm not great with this, but my brother is, so he can help me. I passed the info onto him. He'll be up to see us soon so he can have a look.

I'll copy this thread and keep it, and try again.

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Getting back to the British Royals, is anyone besides me getting tired of seeing and hearing about Meghan Markle, LOL, she seems poised to be the next Princess Diana (almost) regarding near hysterical ubiquitous media coverage. She still looks a bit out of place to me seeing her in pix with the Royals, but being an actress might enable her to fit in better than other "commoners." I imagine  racists in Britain are having a fit. You know there's some there, skinheads, neo-nazis, etc. Markle is half-Jewish and half-Black. I doubt Cheeto will be welcome at the bridal festivities. Or that he'd really want to attend, or would he. Anyway looks like Harry has himself a hot number, though she'll probably be forced to tone it down some. I don't seem to tire much of seeing pix of Harry, LOL. Not as much.
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Lots of streaming applications provides huge collections of Movies as per user need. In that, you have to explore your thoughts on your Kodi Device. So, Install Terrarium TV Kodi Addon with simple methods.
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