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We are going to see The Crown, after we're done with Game of Thrones.

Janie, have you heard of an Android Box? You can then program KODI into it, and get everything for free. This is what we do. We don't pay for any of it --- movies, tv shows, everything. 

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Try downloading Terrarium TV from the link below.  I'm sure The Crown (and much much more) is available on there.  It's a good service and free.  You can watch by streaming (slow option though) or download to your device.  It's for PCs and tablets.  We use it a lot and it's the best service we have used ..... Kodi is a pain in the behind.  We ditched that about 2 years ago!


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there are a lot of streaming apps that streams tv shows and movies but there is nothing like terrarium tv. There is a huge collection of latest movies and tv shows on terrarium tv. Just download the app on Android smartphone, tab, Windows PC/Laptop, Firestick and start streaming. You can download terrarium tv apk and just install it on your preferred device. 
For more info, Visit Terrarium tv 

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And, what about EDWARD KUK.

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No, I have not heard about Android Box, Michele. I will look into it. I’m not very electronically inclined, unfortunately but am on a tight budget. I have learned so many ways to save money because Inhave to. My son and DIL live with me for now and are a big help. They will be getting their own place soon and deserve that. But my son worries about me. I’m fine. And he’s wonderful.😀
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