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Originally Posted by HulaHoopJustPassingby
I'm inclined to say that a woman also needs chocolate, but who am I?

I'll tell you who you are.  A very wise woman!

Fine chocolate with a glass of cheap wine.

Yes, chocolate must be good to be enjoyed but wine - meh - I'm only looking to get drunk.

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I second that, Martine. Chocolate is always good. I love chocolate with caramel and pecans or walnuts. There's a chocolate company here called Perdy's and they make the best Pecan Clusters called Sweet Georgia Browns. They are my all-time fav chocolate. Soooo good.

Ali or Nicky, you guys live close to the boarder, have you heard of Perdys? They also have delicious boxed chocolates.


I'm fine with cheap wine, (we always get cheap wine) though I do prefer red cheap wine to white. I like merlot, too- in a restaurant I know I'll like it. I think it's Sheraz I don't like so much. But, in a pinch . . . it will do. [biggrin]

I'm such a light-weight, one glass of wine if I haven't had anything to eat gets me feeling light-headed. When we have dinner (like tomorrow I'm having Easter) I love to drink my wine when I'm preparing. That way, I'm not so nervous (and depending on how much I've had, sometimes I really don't care) about how stuff turns out.

Allan makes all sorts of jokes, but I've never ruined a dinner . . .  yet. One time, it was something spicy I was making, and I kept adding chilies. It was very good . . . but HOT.

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LOL! When I drink wine while I'm cooking things get very, very slow. I'm pretty slow anyway, but if I'm drinking wine I get distracted and take forever and by the time the meal is ready I'm not hungry at all. 

Those pecan clusters look good! I haven't heard of Perdy's but next time we go to Canada I'll look out for them. We almost went today but I wasn't feeling well, so perhaps we'll go next weekend instead. I heard that tomorrow the lines to get across the border will be really long. 

Happy Easter!

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I only drink wine when I dine out or during family parties. I never add alcohol to meals, but when I bake....Yo Yo Yo!!! Rum, Whisky, Amaretto, Cognac... I always taste the stuff I add, LOL Then I add a little more and so on and so forth.

I think I lasted two days without chocolate in the house. But hey, it is Easter folks. We have to eat chocolate around here.

Hope you will soon feel well again, Nicky.

Happy Easter!

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