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Bummer! But still very funny.

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Originally Posted by Nicky
I know it was posted on April Fool's Day but is it a real thing? Or am I showing how gullible I am?

I asked myself the same question and even though somehow deep down I knew, I decided I did not want to know. After all, we need some mystery in life. A bit of mist in the air... A tad bit of helium inside ourselves...

Besides, is not being prepared to ask questions about one's nature - am I gullible, am I achieving enough, am I true to myself, eh huh - part of what makes a man a man or a woman a woman? Would proper genitalia be the only requirement? What do you think?

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I sent the video to my brother who lives a couple of thousand miles away and I know he'll love it as much as I do.  All that I told him was that the beer is sold at Costco.  I'm hoping he'll go ask for it[wink]
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