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She wanted to, Blue Rhap, but I guess she didn't. And she wouldn't dare just charge an amount like that to my Visa. I don't know what's with her and coats - she has coats! I think she wanted one in black - a nicer one. But she has enough coats.

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That was priceless, Kasey! OMG!

But that's what scares me about Paris. I don't speak French at all and I've heard they are not so nice if you don't speak the language.

What are your experiences, guys?

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Oh that lucky, lucky, lucky girl Jacqueline.

So she doesn't like the Mona Lisa eh? lol..I don't blame her. I have heard many anti-climatic reactions to it.

I barely saw the painting when I went in August. The room was packed with people and we ushered to keeping moving llike cattle by the museum attendants.

Hey, I flew 3000 miles to see the friggin painting ok? You can at least let me look at the painting for more than 5 seconds.

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Ive been to Paris twice , stayed there both times over night on drive thru holidays on our way to the South Saint Tropez and ive only ever had one bad experience , all the other numerous restaurants and hotels and motels we were met with generosity and kindness , the bad experience was a restaurant we ate in one night , the staff were uncommunicative with their facial expressions let alone speech , i know enough French to get by in ordering food and wine and a room etc but they practically threw the food at us , but like i said everywhere else was just the opposite  I'm glad to say so my conclution is France is just like any other tourist country ... mostly good and the occational bad .... besides we should of clocked on when we see the resturant was empty  , apart from us , oh well live and learn

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate

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I would love to go. But I had heard the Mona Lisa was very small. Still, you don't call a work of art "stupid."

Sorry Blue Rhap,

I didn't answer your question before.

Jacqueline goes to Province in France after Paris, then Spain. Nice huh!
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