My youngest sister, who is Kiley's, Jade's and Emma's mother. I don't know how she got this picture to look so dramatic and professional.

"more sinned against than sinning"--shall be on my tombstone "Transpersonal psychology--transcend the self, to abolish and avoid pain...what is the self, anyway?"--Pinkie "Queen of Pain, I'll Always be Queen of Pain" (laughs)with apologies to Sting "Yes it's over now, drink your big black cow, and get outa here"--Steely Dan "I'm just a girl, they think I'm some kind of freak"--Gwen Stefani 
Hey Pinkie,

We finally get to see a picture of you!   Wonderful! I like your bright lipstick. Lovely, lovely.

I really enjoyed these.

Was that Christmas? It's so strange for me to see Christmas with so much green! I just see the lights, very pretty. So nice to all eat outside, and the backyard is beautiful. Maybe not Christmas, but just decorative lights?

Are you in the blue hat, Susie? 

The porch looks amazing. A place to sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by.

Your sister looks pretty too. And I love the names she chose for her girls.

Thanks for sharing, Susie, I enjoyed these very much.
Pinkie you are so cute!  Thank you for posting  pictures!

It is nice to know what we all look like isn't it.  

And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.

Lovely pics Susy.  Not often we get to see you for real [smile]

I love everybody.  Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face. <~~~~ for Jeff vid clips
Wha...?! Where's the picture?! Your sister looks lovely but you've disappeared!!!
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