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Holey Moley ! That woman I was telling about has become that man's girlfriend, he says !! They went to both Austin, Texas festivals where McCartney played and she's visited him in Texas before, too. Well, Macca's second festival concert in Austin is this weekend. Macca told in GQ magazine recently that he had two Vegas hookers at the same time, in the Sixties during Beatlemania !! A "threesome" with hookers, "high class call girls" and he said he enjoyed it ! I'm a hypocrite, cause I was fine with it, as long as it's Macca. I don't eye him askance now. In fact, he probably did that more than once, back then. A Beatles site boardie, Bruce, said "sex workers" should not be disparaged, they perform a valuable service and all that. It's very dangerous for them out there though. They could be beaten up, or worse, and have been. It happens pretty frequently, I think. 
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