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Congratulations! It's fun when you get to cheer for your own team.

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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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Those boys look like they're having a ball. Well, they are...a basketball...sorry, bad pun, ouch. They all look like nice boys.
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I'm not so good at the sports news.

I think your team won, Martine.  Am I right?

It gets so exciting when you are really into it.  

Now and then I love to watch singles tennis championships, and NASCAR.  How's that for balanced viewing.  

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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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Yes, yes, Ali. We Won. 7 championships in a row. 19 in total. Despite the many victories, last year my team played without a head sponsor. Their contract with Telenet had come to an end, and Telenet chose to move to Antwerp. Ostend did not find a new sponsor! This year we have a new one: Filou. Because I want to be a loyal fan I bought myself two bottles, even though I do not like beer. It tastes just like Jupiler if you ask me. I always wonder how drinks justify their sponsoring sports teams. Anyway, that is the way it is. Instead of Captain Dusan, we will now have to speak of Filou Dusan. Cheers. To a new season!

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