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This is one of the most joyful, happy videos I've ever seen, from an amazing little four-year-old girl. Children are the best teachers! Imagine getting up in the morning and feeling the way this little girl, Jessica, does --- you could take over the whole frigging world!

Yay - Go, Jessica!

Now, what do YOU like?


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LOL, she's great, listing what she's grateful for and gratitude practice is very effective which she already knows !
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This just really resinated with me. The video went viral when the little girl, Jessica, was 12. She said she was very shy, and would have been able to handle the fame better had she been younger, or older.

Today she's in her early 20s in University. She goes by 'Jess', and has the same, great, positive attitude.

(Also my girls had hair like that when they were little, which is maybe another reason why I love it so much)
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