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People are idiots - I second that. They forget (or don't care) that these are wild, beautiful creatures.

There are tons of warnings but they think they know better.

What really bothers me is that if something were to happen, they would (possibly) put the poor animal down.

A man just died because he was head-butted by a giraffe and was thrown umpteen feet in the air, but they are not putting the giraffe down. And while I am sorry for the man, I was happy for the decision. He got too close, and the giraffe did what's natural to him. 

Oh, I have a story:

We have an African Lion Safari not far from us. It was Lisa's birthday one year, so it was in April. It was the first day the Safari had opened, and we took her and her friends. Well, the tigers were so irate. You know how cats glare? (For those of you who do not have cats, they glare when they are annoyed, and there's no mistaking that they are pissed off) Well the tigers were glaring at us, pacing back and forth. They usually sleep, but because it was the first day, they weren't used to the cars. We had a bear lean on our car, too. It was an amazing experience. Oh, and you can be sure we did NOT open the windows or get out of the car!

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The saying is, didn't have the sense they were born with.  My saying, they obviously didn't have it at birth.  Hate to think what could have happened and I bet calls for the animals to be destroyed if anything had.  Stupid stupid stupid.


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