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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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I did it, I went rolling on shabbos. Not that I broke any world records. Far from it. The most important thing is I had a good time and many many gutterballs. Bummer.

When is the last time you went bowling?

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I enjoy bowling and sometimes surprise myself by being pretty good at it. My 93 year old father-in-law (who passed away a few months ago) bowled regularly and was great! He used to shuffle around the house but when it came to throwing the bowling ball he was so graceful and spry! His oldest two sons still bowl regularly, once or twice a week. When I take Jack bowling we have the bumpers up - perhaps that's why I'm OK at it, because I am an expert at bouncing off them... [biggrin] 

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Keep the heid
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I used to go bowling every Saturday afternoon with friends.  I was OK at it and managed a strike or two in my time.  The last time I went bowling, which was many years later, I could barely pick a ball up let alone direct it down a lane.  For me it's not like riding a bike, that you can just pick up where you left.

I used to go ice skating every Friday and Sunday night, with same friends, and was quite a thing at that.  Backwards, speed the whole caboodle.  I delighted at spraying bystanders with my stops [sneaky]  Again, the last time I ventured onto the ice, probably about ten years after my last visit to a rink, I made a bit of an idiot of myself.  My feet had also grown and my skates nearly cut off my circulation.  Suffice to say, I've not returned.  Shame because I adored ice skating.



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I've only bowled a couple of times in my life.  

The last time was about 25 years ago.  It was mandated!  The boss at the place where I worked told us that we were going bowling and then to lunch on a Friday in Springtime.  So we did.  We all loaded on a school bus and off we went for a day of free bowling and a free lunch at a bar and grill, AND we got paid for it!  Then the head office found out about it.  There were no more bowling days after that.  

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