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Originally Posted by michele
Vienna! Nice. My goodness, you are such a traveler, Hag. 

Christmas. Well, today we got my Christmas/Birthday gift - my computer crashed and has been giving me problems, (7 years old) so I got me a new beautiful 27inch mac. I have bought one gift for Lisa - Game of Thrones 1-5 in Hardcover, which she wanted. Other than that, I wait until Black Friday and afterward, when everything's on sale (I hope).

ARGHHHHHH  our PC went belly up Friday night and it's taken all weekend to get it up and running again.  It got stuck on a boot up loop or something so we had to reformat the drive and we have lost what was on our desktops.  Luckily we have external drives where we store all the important stuff but, chellypoos, my word doc with my PM to you is gone.  I swear I'm jinxed when it comes to communications because it's the second time I've lost my message to you.  Last time by hitting the wrong button this time with PC failure.  I'll try and put together something again tonight and get it off but I swear I'm doomed and this is going to test my memory trying to remember [frown]

Christmas wise, I'm getting on top of it now.  We did a lot of shopping over the weekend and I've got most of the presents and just need to get bits and bobs for stocking fillers and such.  Dad is the headache as he's not only hard to buy for but he's tactless and tells me if I've given him a present he doesn't like or want so I have to be very careful.  I bought him a DVD box set last year and he actually said on opening it 'why did you buy me this?  I don't like this rubbish and not going to watch it and you should have known that!".  Obviously I didn't otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.  He's not gracious at all.  I took it back and got a refund and didn't replace it with anything at all as I was so mad at him.  Hey ho and bah humbug.  Got my card box out and have written all my cards and they are now ready for posting/handing out.  I always realise that I hate Christmas card writing more than I do the shopping.  But it's done and now my vestibule is full of filled envelopes waiting to be rid of.

To get into the spirit of the coming season, here's something to cheer us up and find a recipe for .....


I love everybody.  Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face. <~~~~ for Jeff vid clips

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I will start shopping (Internet) on Black Friday and take it from there. I usually get most stuff on sale (if you wait until Dec, mostly everything goes on sale).
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