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I haven't watched the TED talk but I know with homeopathy the smaller doses are more potent, so he possibly just made it less effective. Also, it works on babies and animals - have they been duped, too? I don't believe there is a lethal dose since homeopathy doesn't work that way. And... it's worked for me and even if it is because I wanted it to, or it was just in my imagination, if it works I'm happy! 

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I do not really believe in the supernatural, although funny stuff happens...

I never use homeopathy either. Some people use homeopathy for colds for example. A cold is something that should heal by itself. So if you start using homeopathy after a week of feeling all miserable, and it works, it is probably just your body recovering in a natural way. It is not the homeopathy.
I know people who see doctors for a variety of issues. They get treatment, which does not seem to help. Then they resort to homeopathy, and all of sudden, after one day or so, they feel fine again. I am sorry, but I do not believe that sort of stuff. It is your own system recovering from illness in combination with the medication that starts to work. It is not the homeopathy that does it.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is no help available. When classic medication will not solve the problem,  I doubt alternative methods will work. There are no miracles.

A lot of mainstream medication and supplements are also useless for that matter. People just believe it works. My former doctor refused to prescribe certain types of medication because, in his opinion, they are useless. Voltaren gel, bio glucosamin,... I asked my specialist doctor about the latter once, and he did not really answer the question. What does that mean? It means we fool ourselves.

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A "placebo" effect can happen with medicines and patients, which I think maybe Nicky described or maybe the remedies really did work for her. Every one's body is different. I know Western medicine really works and is effective in many cases. However, a diabetes educator impressed on us that helping one's diabetes get better is only 30 percent meds and the rest is diet and exercise. 
When I went through a phase a long time ago of taking a lot of various herbs and such in capsule form, including Chinese and Indian types, ironically I discovered I felt better not taking all that. 

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