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Keep the heid
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No, not The Beatles song lol

We have been discussing returning to the US for Thanksgiving this year.  We enjoyed Boston but felt we didn't get the full experience of it (basically it was closed for the day) so we have two options.

Option 1:  Return to NY even though we have visited there previously.  When we were there I was still on my diet (not reached my target) and looking back at the photo's I'm not too happy with my look (chubby, wearing glasses and god awful haircut).  I want to return to NYC to redo them, but that's rather a bad excuse or reason to do it.  I think it's the best place for Thanksgiving tho, in terms of things to do etc.

Option 2:  Go to Chicago, which is a city we both want to visit.  Two birds one stone really.  Thanksgiving and somewhere new.  It's also a very good deal at a very good hotel with a suite (Marriott Downtown).  We have been to many places we would return to, but if we have the opportunity to travel would like to go somewhere that we've not been to before.  Chicago was the next place on our US visit list too.

It's a dilemma and appreciate I'm lucky to have it.  What would you do or suggest?


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I haven't traveled around the US much but I would probably choose Chicago. There's plenty to see there and it's new. However... is anything really open or happening at Thanksgiving? I suppose I've never been in a big city at that time so I really don't know. 

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They have the big Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in NYC. Big balloons, big floats packed with celebrities, big marching bands. If you're into that sort of thing.


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Lol. Such hardship, Hag.

First, I would check out the weather. The US Thanksgiving is towards the end of November, so I would want nice warm sunny weather in NYC. I've been there in winter, not as much fun as in spring and summer, when I've also been there.

It's too bad Boston was closed because it is such a beautiful city.

I would say go somewhere different. I've never been to Chicago but I know people who have and really enjoyed it there.

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Might be big snow blizzards in Chicago, though, check out the weather first. Not exactly balmy and warm in NYC either, LOL, but it might have better weather there, then, than in the Midwest (Chicago). If you go to Chicago you should check out the South Side as it's really jumpin' LOL
I thought you don't have Thanksgiving in the U.K., well, I know you don't. It's touching you seem to treasure the idea of Thanksgiving, or something. It IS a special heart-warming holiday devoted to being grateful for what one has, and giving thanks.

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