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Keep the heid
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CR:  Maybe some suggestions forthcoming of (best) places of interest to visit. There is so much to see and do I'm certain we will be kept busy.

Pinkie:  We have many place on our list.  We didn't really think we'd be returning to the States in the foreseeable seeing as we have made many visits there already.  But seems we just can't keep away lol

Nicky:  Why do it vicariously [wink] 

Martine:  Trump free zone!  Was that the real deal maker lol


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Sounds exciting, Helen!

If it was closer I'd consider meeting you there, but it's still far . . .

Maybe closer to the time.

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If I were a traveler, which I am not - I would go to San Diego for Thanksgiving.

YEP!!  No cold Chicago or NYC for me.

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I'd go to the Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art  Both sound wonderful to me! One of Joe's cousins wrote a song that won the Chicago Tribune Cubs victory song contest. Here's their song on YouTube (perhaps it'll make you feel even more excited about going to Chicago..?!) 

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