Where y'all been, Helen and Michele? We need updates. I feel you've been looking in, just not "talking" and I think a lot of people visit and look without writing, many more than we know. I especially miss you two and wonder what you've been up to. And Nicky, how's it hanging, man?
"more sinned against than sinning"--shall be on my tombstone "Transpersonal psychology--transcend the self, to abolish and avoid pain...what is the self, anyway?"--Pinkie "Queen of Pain, I'll Always be Queen of Pain" (laughs)with apologies to Sting "Yes it's over now, drink your big black cow, and get outa here"--Steely Dan "I'm just a girl, they think I'm some kind of freak"--Gwen Stefani 
Hi Pinkie - I've been wondering where everyone is, too. I assume they're enjoying summer, traveling, perhaps having picnics, swimming in lakes, doing summery things! Where's CoyRoy? Sheesh! I'm glad you're here, Pinkie. I'm working, working, working, which is a good thing and I'm not complaining but I'm looking forward to a break. I'm taking two weeks off in August and hoping to escape town for a while. How about you, Pinkie? What've you been up to and what are you planning?
Hi All! 
Miss you ... 
life has been crazy and weird and hard and ... and. ... well, I’m one who has been looking but not joining in. 
Not typical of me eh? 
To be honest the new format scared me, so I jumped in.
Im swimming!
I hope all of are doing well.

"It's nice to be important; but it's more important to be nice."
I'm here.  Been peeking in now and then but I've been a bit under the weather.  
I got a bad dog bite that made my hand look like a fat, weepy chunk of ham.  
And talk about painful!  Ohhhh!  So incredibly painful.  It made all the nerve endings in my body sensitive.
I've had injections and pills and I finally think it's getting under control. 
Despite the medication it was spreading up my arm and I was scared to death I had sepsis and would die.
I've been on the couch sleeping for days.  Don't feel like eating.  That part could be a good thing.
I'm on the mend.  
As Martine might acknowledge I've been a bit crabby.  Sorry!
And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.
Hi Pinkie, Hi Everyone,

Leave it to Pinkie to gather the troops! 

Sorry I've been not chatty, but life has gotten in the way. So I peak in, but haven't been posting  -  and the more you don't post, the more you don't feel like posting. But then Pinkie gives a shout out, and I feel bad for not saying hi.

We've been renovating all summer, tearing out walls (a main wall, too) and putting in a new kitchen, and we've had workmen here for months. As a result, I've been taking care of the animals and keeping them out of everyone's way, while still trying to get things done. It has been hectic, and so I've really been trying to manage my time. I feel like we're living in a bit of a war zone. Allan busy with plumbing, painting, etc.

My black cat, Charlie, who has kidney disease was not doing so well, but now he is. I take him to the vet 3X a week, though, for a five minute fluid treatment, and he's gained weight and is much happier. If I were not suck a wimp I could do it myself, but it's a huge needle and . . .  naw. I bought him a new cage that opens from the top as well as the front door, so it's a lot easier to put him in and out. I am so glad he's rallied. I do give my other kitty, Cleo, a shot once a month, but it's a much smaller needle, and even at that I hate doing it. I don't bring her in because she gets so stressed, it's not worth it. But Charlie is back to his old self with this treatment and special prescription food. He takes up a lot of my time but I don't mind at all.

All the other animals are great. Storm had an operation on his knee a while back, though, (cruciate surgery) but is doing well.

We are still seeing my dad once a week, and visits range from great to, well, not so good. It takes 3hours in driving, but I am happy to see him, and I hope my visits give him some comfort (even if he can't remember it within the next minute). Last week was fantastic, though, he was smiling and laughing. I loved it! He turned 95 on June 8th. I'm lucky to have Allan, who is so supportive.

Oh, this is cool. I saw an amazing medium, Chris Stiller (famous here in Canada) and he, though my mom, gave me all sorts of advise about my horrid half-sister, which I needed. It was so great, it was like my mom was sitting in front of me.

Still writing, knitting, reading, working out, etc. Not going anywhere right now because of all the renos  (and my Dad and cat)  but really thrilled about the new kitchen. Saw the last season of Game of Thrones and hated it (like everyone else). Great acting, great special effects, terrible story line. The actors and the fans deserved better, imo.

So, whats up with everyone else?

Reading anything? I finished The Turn of the Screw, and wish that Henry James wasn't so damned wordy. I read they got paid by the word in those days, but I've read a lot of classics, and this one was by far the wordiest. Good story, weird (which I like) but the story got lost in the words and I finally didn't care what happened to the stupid characters. Reading Stephen King right now, he's always a treat.

Holidays? Nicky, where are you going on your time off? We aren't going anywhere right now, not with all the renos, etc. 

And Majorcat, what's up with your crazy, weird, hard life? I hope not too hard. Life can be sometimes.

Ali, bad dog bite? What happened? 

Watching any good shows? We finished Outlander, and Scotland is so beautiful. You are lucky, Hag. I liked the series as much as the books. Right now we are looking for a new series. If anyone has recommendations?

That's it for me,
Hope everyone is well.
I work and sleep. I carry out exercises for my back and feet. The constant pain add to my feeling of exhaustion. Later today I will take my car to the garage for a makeover. I could use one though.

At the end of the week I am moving to my sister's house to look after the dog. That is how I will spend my holiday. Hoping for a bit more sun.

Wishing you all well.
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera.
Ali, get better and heal ! Good Lord !  Martine, I hope your condition improves greatly, too, your pain decreases and you enjoy your well deserved sunny vacation. Majorcat, I can relate; some weird freak accidents on my end, too, caused by my carelessness and recklessness, in my case. Way too embarrassing to describe. Life certainly holds its challenges and it's hard when it's pay back time (karma). One needs to be almost constantly thoughtful and observant. If not, havoc can ensue. (Guess that was clear as mud.) One of these mishaps involves my being forbidden  to check out books from the county libraries until October. I messed up one too many tomes (I always paid for them, though.)  A minor disaster for us as we don't have t.v. and therefore read a lot (we would, anyway) but luckily libraries aren't the only sources for books. One can get books cheaply online, in Goodwill and other thrift stores, from book sales, etc.
Michele, you dropped a bombshell on us with your "medium" experience ! Mercy me, so you think he's a  bona fide medium, the real deal ??!! He knew about your half-sister hardship?? Holey Moley ! How could he have known ?? You think your mama spoke through him, really?
You sure have been busy at your house. With your zoo and renovations going on and all. Poignant and moving to hear about your visits with your father. You're lucky to still have him, at 95. So glad he was happy when you saw him last. May that continue.  "Wordy" (laughs) I love that about 19th century writings, the long paragraphs and abstruse poetic highly descriptive sentences, etc. Imparts shivers of ecstasy (I was an English Lit. major). You've reminded me to hit up the 1800s Russian and British novelists again.  Writing in here...the letters are so big, my goodness ! That really keeps you on your toes not to post anything offensive knowing it would be so glaringly obvious. That, plus Nicky's admonition to "keep it friendly." Admirable of her to instruct and remind us to do well in that regard. Plus the head honcho big movie star guy doesn't dig fussin' and fightin' on his turf. (Keep 'er easy) Oh it tickles me sometimes this odd method of communication. Well, it's superior to "ten four good buddy" and the telegraph! I flew off on a tangent and it's 6 a.m., LOL. 
Helen Haggie Baby? Ou et vous ? Scottish lassie? Helen of the Highlands?
"more sinned against than sinning"--shall be on my tombstone "Transpersonal psychology--transcend the self, to abolish and avoid pain...what is the self, anyway?"--Pinkie "Queen of Pain, I'll Always be Queen of Pain" (laughs)with apologies to Sting "Yes it's over now, drink your big black cow, and get outa here"--Steely Dan "I'm just a girl, they think I'm some kind of freak"--Gwen Stefani 
A lot of info there Michele!  Are you going with the "open-concept" in your house?  I would like to have that.

Cats do get that kidney problem, DARN!  My remaining cat is 17 now and his kidneys are failing but he is doing okay.  Eventually I'll probably have to do the fluid infusions for him.  I did it for his brother when he got sick.
Michele I can say with confidence that if you have a reason to shut your sister out of your life - never let her in again!!!!   It will only lead a very bad place.  Put her out of your mind.  She does not exist.  That is where I am with two sisters whose names I seem to have forgotten.  ; )

Your dad is 95! Amazing.  Both of mine died in their seventies.  

Martine - Have you ever watched Nurse Jackie?  She has a way of dealing with pain.

My dog-bitten hand is healing.  It is still a bit swollen and the skin is all peeling off in thin shreds.  Damn !! I was sick.  As much as I hate to admit it, it was beloved big fella that did it.  He's a big dog and needs help getting to his feet.  He didn't want to be getting up that day when I tried lifting him by the back of his halter and he swung his head around and chomped down on my hand quicker than a flash of lightning!  His canine darn near went through my hand.  I washed it very well and put peroxide on it and bandaged it but ... all to no avail.  That was on a Friday afternoon.  Early Sunday morning I was in the ER being treated (oh so rudely) by a doctor.  The hand was swollen and the pain was sooooo bad!  And it got worse.  On Tuesday I went to see my usual provider and she immediately changed my antibiotic and gave me a shot in the ass.  Wednesday - still very sick and went back to her and got another shot in the other cheek.  That is when I was at my worst.  The infection was spreading up my arm.  I really thought there was a good chance I would die from sepsis.  But by Friday I was starting to feel okay again.  On Sunday I was able to go out and enjoy the annual Montana Folk Festival that was being held in town, with my son and his girl friend.

I still have my dog.  I am not angry at him at all.  I have not taken care of him just to get rid of him when he bites me for the first time ever.  He is very old and I know all the reasons to put him down but ... soon.  My daughter is annoyed with me for not putting him down a long time ago - which is why I did not tell her when I got bit.  I just did not want to hear it.  My son was with me when it happened and he lives in another town and he called me often.  I would have told him anyhow.  He gets me.  Daughter does not.  Not many people do. 

Michele - now we'd love to see before and after pictures of your home!

Pinkie - Keep on reading!  It's better for you than television.

Nicky - any plans for England?

And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.
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