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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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We have new privacy rules in Europe, and you cannot imagine how many times I have already unsubscribed to newsletters. Over the years my mailbox became overcrowded with all sorts of stuff I did not really want. Now, I can get rid of it more easily. Some magazines and newspapers do not give up straight away though. They keep sending varations of themselves. It is funny to see how sad all these media are that I am leaving - it makes me feel so good!  Ticketline even advised me to take care. Thank you.
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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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That reminds me to go "unsubscribe" to the Wrap and to MSN, among others, in my mail box so it won't get so swamped. I was actually frozen out of my hotmail e-mail account long ago for not deleting hordes of unwanted e-mails which really added up. I'd love to be able to get into that again and see the gold amidst the dross, there. I assume all that is still there on the Net. 
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Really Pinkie?

I like to get rid of my 'junk' stuff right away. I get rid of my emails pretty quick too. I don't like stuff cluttering up my email.  But Allan, on the other hand, keeps stuff forever.

So, question: 

Do you like a clean email, or do you tend to hoard stuff?

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I used to clean mine out every day but now that my memory is spotless I have to keep emails so I know what's going on in my life! Actually, I just got in the habit of keeping everything except spam.

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I have two separate emails that I use.  One is for general use like signing up for notices or things I don't really trust 

The other is for fam and friends only.

The first one fills up fast daily and seldom look at it.  Just a cursory scan.

The other is much more quiet and much more welcome.

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