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The Cranberries lead singer, Dolores O'Riordan has died suddenly at 46, details not out yet.

We, Allan and I, were just talking about her yesterday, when a song came on my ipod. I love The Cranberries, I have all of their music/ She was such a small girl, with a huge voice, and you could still tell she was Irish. She reminded me a little of Sinead O'connor, whom I also like a lot. One time I saw her on tv and the power behind her voice was amazing.

Such a shame. May she rest in peace. So sad.

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Very tragic  shocking news ! Cranberries have some tuff songs, love her singing. She seemed tough and strong to look so fragile and tiny. Powerhouse voice with a beautiful Irish lilt. "Zombies" is one of the best anti-war anthems. A terrible loss for music, and for her loved ones most of all, of course. I read she had a hard life at times. Unusually so.
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I was shocked when it came on the news. She was so young with a young family too!

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