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Praying for you and your Dad. My husband was put in a hospice but he wanted to come home. We worked with making him stronger so he could come home and be cared for my hospice nurses at home. It was his dearestbwish. Unfortunately, the cancer moved so quickly then developed in to leukemia. Hevwas there 5 days when he died. But they kept him so comfortable. I stayed with him until,the end and it was a peaceful death. They were so wonderful to him. I miss him so much butbam glad his pain is over.
It sounds like your Father is building strength. You have my prayers!

I miss my love......

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Well so much to report on dad.  Firstly he had a good birthday yesterday and I took along cupcakes and things to eat.  He's still on a restricted diet so was only able to eat the icing (frosting) from them but he liked having us all there together.  He is improving by leaps and bounds daily and I spoke to his consultant yesterday who told me something that was quite a shock.  He was not on duty at the weekend but believes that the treatment he received for his heart failure was incorrect because he's of the belief that dad had a pneumonia not heart failure.  He came in on Monday and by the time he got down to x-ray he was 3 days into anti biotic treatments so his lungs looked better.  But he said that on Saturday an x-ray should have been done but obviously he can only go on what he sees but is adamant that it was pneumonia, and a very bad case of one caused by aspiration (liquid and/or food getting into the lung).  The 'chest infection' was detected at some point on Saturday but he's now concerned at how he contracted it as he had been in hospital for 10 days by that point so could not have been admitted with it.  He is on a mission to find out how this developed.  That aside he was taken off of oxygen yesterday to 'wean' him off but has managed beautifully and not needed to have it put back on at all.  In fact he had a light physio session today which he managed, but he was tired afterwards.  The weather here is shocking so staff had to leave early to get home so he will hopefully be back to his normal sessions again from Monday.  His diet should also be back to normal after the weekend also.  So it's a matter of getting his strength back (physio) and he'll be right as rain.  His scar is also disappearing so his healing is on top form.

It's phew now but it's been a roller-coaster of a week.


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Only frosting for his special birthday diet..?! Sounds like many people's dream come true! I'm so happy to hear that he enjoyed his celebration and that he seems to be making such great progress. It's surprising to hear a doctor admit that something was done wrong - that would never happen here because of all the liability claims that would ensue. It's good to know you can trust the doctors to be honest about mistakes and that they will follow through on it. (I know he isn't saying that he made a mistake but it's still cool, I think). 

I imagine you're exhausted! I hope you can rest a bit before your dad is back home and your total responsibility again.

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Happy Birthday to your dad!  I wish him peace and joy in his 89th year.  

And, I wish this for both of you.  A year full of Love.

Hold his hand, as he held yours on your most challenging day.  

I remain prayerful, and will continue to pray for you, your dad and family,

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Oh my Helen,

I had written something here yesterday, but deleted my posts as I was in an odd mood . . . should have kept this one, though.

Anyway, to repeat, so glad your dad is doing well, and that you were able to celebrate his 89th birthday. The best gift you could ask for (though it's his bday).

Please keep us updated on his progress. 
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