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Thanks for all your thoughts.  Dad took a very bad turn for the worst Friday night/Saturday morning.  I got one of those phone calls at a time that no-one phones unless there's an emergency.  Dads heart failure was progressing at an alarming rate and he became extremely poorly.  When I got to the hospital I was so shocked to see how much he had deteriorated in a matter of hours as I'd only left him on Friday night showing improvement.  I spent the whole day with him leaving around 9pm Saturday night and he had thankfully recovered some.  He was still very ill but 'saved' but threat not over as his stats were still horrendous.  Needless to say there was very little sleep to be had for me and I was up at the hospital again Sunday and he had perked up a tad more but he has developed a chest infection and it was presenting itself as a likely case of pneumonia possibly aspiration, which is worse in terms of treating.  He had a chest x-ray and it was actually quite clear with no signs of it being pneumonia of any kind.  He is on 3 anti biotics which seem to be working a treat and even his coughing is reduced greatly.  Today when I left he was as back to as normal as I've seen him in a fortnight so quite a relief.  His heart failure will not be cured, but it's been stable for nearly 20 years so here's hoping it remains so.  He was back to his old self moaning and complaining about his inabilities and being very difficult.  Never thought I'd be glad to be hear him like that but I was.  He was up and in the day room again then sitting in his chair when I visited.  Still a long way to go but thankfully he's getting better, or as better as he can.  The gash on his head has also healed very nicely with stitches out and it looks just as if someone has drawn a thin red line on the back of his head.  To think that was the cause of everything that he has gone through these past two weeks.  But he's improving every day and the docs see no reason to not have him back on his feet and in the physio and occupations therapy sessions again.

It's been a rough 2 weeks for us both but hopefully, even in hospital which is the best place for him at the moment, he will have an enjoyable 89th birthday on Thursday.  We are planning a wee tea party with cupcakes and nibbles on the ward.  Banners are at the ready and I think we could all do with a bit of light relief for an hour or two.


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What a stressful weekend! I'm so glad to hear he's complaining again - always a good sign!! I hope you get some sleep, Haggie, and I look forward to hearing about the birthday party. 

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This is a real roller coaster ride and I'm so sorry your and your family are going through that.  I hope he is up and about soon and that his quality of life is good also. 
I was wondering how it all was going so thank you for the update.

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Hi Helen,

So glad to hear that things are getting better for your father (and you). So stressful. 

I'm always in fear of getting "that" call, and since I'm the first contact, they call me about this and that. So whenever it's the hospital calling, I brace myself. 

Love him, enjoy his complaining, and  appreciate every second you have with him. 

And like Nicky said, get some sleep!


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Step by step!!!
And a happy birthday to your dad, Helen. I hope it will be a lovely day for all of you.

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