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Do you get your takeout Chinese food in boxes?

I always thought it looked so cool, in the movies they eat their food in boxes with chopsticks. I could never master the chopsticks (everyone else in my family can, though, but my food splats all over the place and all over me) and the boxes.

We always get our takeout in boring old containers. But with the boxes, it would be difficult to share and keep it in the box, unless they pass the box around. . . and it wouldn't be so good for germs (or would be good for germs). But in Hwood, when they are being romantic, they SHARE a box . . . not as much variety ( as putting the containers on the table so everyone can have a little bit) but very romantic.

Allan and I always giggle at that. Also, what if the food goes through the bottom of the box??? That would not be good.
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Apparently the boxes are meant to be opened to become disposable plates.  I read that a matter of weeks ago.  I'll try and find the page I was reading about stuff you don't know ...... like the lid of Bic biros have a hole at the end ..... cuz kids tend to shove things in their mouths so they made them so air could still pass through if stuck in the throat of a wee one.  Who knew this stuff lol

In the UK we tend to get our takeaways delivered in plastic (like flimsy tuppaware) or metallic containers.  Do we eat straight from them.  I don't I'm not one for eating from packaging lol  Even when we treated ourselves to fish n chips, I served up on a plate and didn't eat from the paper.  These days though our fish n chips now come in polystyrene containers and rarely in paper.



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