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I was so sad to hear about your sweet Bono, Martine. It is so hard to lose a fur baby. They give us such unconditional love. I still think of my rescue Yorkie, Mitzi’s. How wonderful my little friend was ,always glued to me.
I hope time helps a little. God bless you and Bono.

I miss my love......

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Thank you so much.

And what a great bouquet of flowers!

Abby had wonderful parents. I would pick up the poop too. And just like your brother came to see you, my mom and I visited my sister for coffee. They have a dog too, Oscar. He is such a naughty joy to be with.

As for myself, I will volunteer at the shelter and try to find out if there is a possibility for me to provide dog sitting services. In the end I will adopt a cat, because I really need critters walking on 4 paws around me.

My thoughts are with Abby, and Paul and Kim; and all of you!

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“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera.


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What a beautiful picture, Martine, of both of you. Oscar is a gorgeous boy - how old is he? Is he still at the obnoxious stage? I bet he loves that pool - mine love to go swimming. His coat gleams he's so handsome.

You look wonderful in your bright orange shirt. I hope you're okay. Oscar is good therapy for you. 

I suggested the volunteering idea to Paul and Kim too. They are not doing well today, Paul's in tears, Kim too. Oh dear, oh dear. . . 

There will be brighter days ahead. For now be extra kind to yourself, do whatever you want, and lots of visits to your sister's would probably be helpful . . .

Let us know how you're doing when you feel like it.

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