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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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I lost a treasured friend today
The little dog who used to lay
his gentle head upon my shoulder
And shared his silent thoughts with me.

He’ll come no longer to my call
Retrieve no more his favourite ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called him to his golden throne.

Although my eyes are filled with tears
I thank him for the happy years
And for his love and loyalty.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry, HulaGirl. I love your poem - what a perfect tribute to your wonderful, loving companion. He was a very lucky soul to be so loved by you.

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Oh no --- Bono! 

I'm so sorry, Martine, I had no idea he was sick. You rescued him and gave him the best life. I'm sure you know that, and those words may seem hollow in light of your loss, but I hope one day they will give you some comfort.

I am so, so sorry.

This is what sucks about having pets. I've been through it many times, as have you. I wish they lived longer.

Beautiful, heart wrenching, poem.

My brother is going through the same thing with their dog. She's had health issues but with meds, etc, (swimming therapy, laser treatment) they managed to keep her symptoms under control. Now, though, I am afraid they can no longer do that as she'd become worse. I fear they will have to make a decision.

Take care of yourself.


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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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I'm sorry for your loss. I remember how much it hurt when my tabby Tiger passed away, so I know how you feel.
"more sinned against than sinning"--shall be on my tombstone

"Transpersonal psychology--transcend the self, to abolish and avoid pain...what is the self, anyway?"--Pinkie
"Queen of Pain, I'll Always be Queen of Pain" (laughs)with apologies to Sting
"Yes it's over now, drink your big black cow, and get outa here"--Steely Dan
"I'm just a girl, they think I'm some kind of freak"--Gwen Stefani
"You can beat us with wires, you can beat us with chains;
You can make all your rules but you can't outrun the history train...I seen a glorious day"--Paul Simon

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Oh Martine.  One of life's worst heartbreaks.  I was so happy to hear of your rescue of him a few years back.  He was a real cutie.  
Your poem in tribute to Bono is so touching.  
I take comfort in the fact the Pope says we will see our fellow four-legged friends again.

And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.
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