Okay, so I promised Susie that I would get it together and scan (get Allan to scan because the scanner is in his office) my baby bird pics.

Loki we had from an egg. He was born in Niagara Falls (Canadian) and taken to the breeder. He was then placed in yogurt containers at the breeders, under special heat lights, until he was old enough to be in a cage.

They are born featherless. Allan made countless jokes, wing sauce, etc. He was already mine, though, and I was in love. Lisa had just started Kindergarten, and I was feeling sad at losing her, so Loki her replacement. Jacqueline was in Grade Two.

I went once or twice a week an hour away to learn how to care for him. I fed him (see pics) etc. The ones with grey fluff, that's how their feathers come in. They come in a thin-like coating that their mate (or in Loki's case, his mommy, me) pick off, and the feather grows. A few times a year he molts, and his feathers fall out. I have a beautiful collection.

That's our dog, Rufus. Sadly, Rufus is no longer with us, but he and Loki were bonded. Loki would tell Rufus to "Sit!" and Rufie would. The reason they were so bonded is that Loki used to climb down from his perch all the time, and go on what we called 'walkabouts.' Allan made the perches out of steel and fixed Loki's so he couldn't slide down (imagine a fireman sliding down his pole, that's what Loki would do.)

Now he doesn't slide down (because he can get into too much trouble) so he's not bonded with the dogs, but he likes them and will lick their faces. The cats don't bother.

I used to take him into the schools for the kids to see, but I haven't in a few years.

Cosmo is our Severe Macaw (the green one). When we got him he was already three months old, so we didn't get the baby stage. He thinks he's the boss of Loki and loves Allan, but me not so much. So Allan sits with Cosmo, and I sit with Loki.

They have their cages in their room but come out all night or during the day as well. And they don't poop all over (gross) but on their stands.

Oh, when they are babies, they can't perch. They are fed from their mother from her mouth to theirs (as most birds I think) and the food goes into their crop (the bulging area that you see in the 4th pic. That's me, learning how to care for my bird from the breeder, so I'll know what to do when I take him home. 

The pictures are not in order . . .  

   L1.jpg  L2.jpg  L3.jpg  L4.jpg  L5.jpg  L6.jpg  L7.jpg  L8.jpg  L9.jpg  L10.jpg  L11.jpg  L12.jpg  L13.jpg  L14.jpg  L15.jpg  L16.jpg 

The pictures are spectacularly fun to look at!  They are so damn cute!  Especially with the dog.  
You and the birds must get even more bonded because you raised them from babies or almost-babies.  Taking care of other living creatures is a great thing for your kids to grow up with too.  
What do they eat?  What are you feeding them as babies?
The colors are brilliant and great to see.  
Do you keep the wings clipped so they won't fly away?

I watch an Osprey nest all summer and they only eat fish.  Now that can be a tough thing to watch.  Usually the osprey only lay three eggs and the youngest seldom makes it past a few weeks if the fishing is bad.  

I'm just a bundle of joy tonight - eh?
And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.
Wonderful photos, Michele! We used to have lots of birds (in an outdoor aviary) but had to leave them all behind when we moved. And Rufus... such a beautiful and sweet dog!
WoW! I am using my phone to post, so it is a bit harder for me to type long answers. Wonderful stuff, Michele. You must be Loki’s super hero!
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera.

Well, I'm his Mommy. [smile]

And I loved him, even when he had no feathers. As only a mother would.

That's Jac sitting beside me. See how impressed (not) she looks?
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