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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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This anecdote may be in poor taste, but it made Kasey here laugh: I was at the Ob/Gyn office getting a pap smear to check for cervical cancer, and she made me wait in the examination room for a long time staring at the huge garishly colored posters of female reproductive organs and when she finally started the exam, after a few minutes to get my mind off it I nervously remarked, "I don't want to get a sex change like some people want to, I've always felt like a woman" and after a minute or so the doctor replied, sounding kind of strained or odd, "I've always been happy with what God gave me." What if I'd said "I want to become a man, please help me become a man, please!"--wonder what she'd have said then. Not to make fun of transgender people's plight, I've always felt empathy and sympathy for them.
The first time I went there, they checked my blood for "iron levels" they said, pricking my finger, and later I wondered if it were really to test for Aids and I asked that the second time I went there for an ultra sound, if it was really for Aids and the nurses said no.  I commented on a big color picture they had hanging there of a scantily clad well-muscled good looking man, and laughed. I started to say "what do the Lesbians who come here think of that," but refrained. The ultra sound technician had to invade my privates, again, for the first part of the scan, which I hadn't expected. Ouch. "I enjoy being a girl," LOL, don't you.

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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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My gynecologist has a painting of Micky Mouse in his office. I ought to go for a menopausal pep talk. They have to ask your permission to test for HIV.
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My doctor has a pic of his grandchildren, so I always ask him about them. I just had my physical a few weeks ago. Oh, joy.


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Mine had a flying Balinese goddess hanging over the exam table. Beautiful and distracting enough. A bit like this one (but not as scary looking).  url.jpeg 

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The Finder
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I like her costume.

Once had a male doctor that walked into the exam room in his regular suit and tie.  I'm on the table and asked "uh, aren't ya gonna put on your white coat"?  He said, "No, it's okay.  That's what the dry cleaners are for".


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