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Keep the heid
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Sorry to hear of your loss and, like Michele, I too am remembering my mother who passed 6 years ago on 16th January.  I found it confusing and felt like I was living in a dream.  Life took on a surreal feeling for a time, and that feeling sometimes returns briefly.  I also know what Michele means when she says about smelling certain things, and also feelings.  I seem to have those things happening and feel sure it's mum letting us know she's doing OK.

I know that in your own time things will become bearable.  You will never forget but you will find and remember all the good things.  I find I don't think of the bad times that may have passed between us but the silly and funny moments.

Thank you for sharing your story and hopefully you'll return and share some more.



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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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My mother passed away five yrs. ago, she died right in front of me. She saw me being born, and I saw her pass away. All that time of her illness felt so unreal. I wanted to feel like a new, different person, but not like THAT. Not from something like that happening. I don't know if I became better or worse, but I felt different.  I think I had/have a bit of PTSD from this. My siblings didn't have to see her perish, they weren't there. I wish we had all been there. Not just me and our next door neighbor. In a way I'm glad they didn't have to see it, though.
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