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Dudette / Dude
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Hi French girl,


Maybe you live in the US and maybe you don’t know that insecurity is at its top and people have voted for insecurity being reduced. Fear is multiplied by the amount of TV in people’s home.


If you film black people in a riot, Sarkozy + Le pen gets 5% in the pool. Media knows that but they don’t care. Cash is the most important, people do watch that crap, fear sales.
There is probably a bigger average of coloured people in riots but it is not because of the colour of their skin, it is because they are poorer. Why are they poorer? That is the real question . Insecurity is not the problem. I don’t want to think either in terms of colours for human beings. You can have white arab looking person (because of French parent) going into a riot (on TV preferably) against a black person who would be the victim. You as a TV addict your brain would immediately point the black person as the baddie (like the cop...). This is why I have stopped watching TV. I prefer cinema or DVD and even better : company of friends.

People watch that and they think “oh it is horrible, these arabs and negros are barbarian” . Just after that, you have Sarkozy even Royal trying to have a purification political dynamic in their speeches.


These kind of methods (media ones) are arising the nazi feeling in ourselves based on fear : white people are superior. This worked even on Michael Jackson who spent his life being ashamed of the colour of his skin. I am not going neither to hang around with the first coloured person for the sake of being open minded. I will hang around with someone because the presence of this person makes a better me. With experience and travelling I have noticed that the more different this person is the better I become, even if don’t really change myself in terms of culture.


I really think that Sarkozy can change a lot of things. You can see that immediately in that cute picture of himself at the entrance of his campaign offices,%20première%20partie


I am sorry to hear our fellow Russian have recognised scientology…


As you speak French, French girl,  watch this :

I have tried to meet up with MP Brard you see in that movie but i had violent pressures to prevent me for getting in touch with him. Sarkozy was then still our police and cults minister. Imagine the pressures lods of people will have if Sarkozy is our future president. As I lived in soviet union for a little while I am by nature for an opened to initiative economy. Which kind of democracy France is when the only MP I could get help from is a communist? I’d say this MP is a communist because of the anti nazi feeling more than for the pro soviet union experience. Good luck to him.


By seeing the huge pressure I got, me being alone and unemployed, I have felt the fear of the guys putting pressure on me. This is HOPE, it means that the fight is nearly over.


This I why I have contacted top guys in the USA where the power is. I have done the same in Europe. I am glad today that my network is (international) friendship and love and not a network based on the will to be the most powerful.


I could ad as well the threat Sarkozy have openly addressed to all France 3 (national TV) journalists etc etc…


I don’t think that guy is clever, he is just very manipulative, he is dying to be the boss to solve childhood problems. France is not a “Freud Sofa”.  

It took him 9 years to get his solicitor diploma à read great “la face karchee de sarkozy” you learn A LOT. It is been made by MUCH smarter solicitor than Sarkozy (Malka) and great journalists (Charlie Hebdo and Marianne). It is a bit scary as you learn that this looser political career has been launched thanks to very handy Perreti heart attack after a cocktail in Korean embassy. Perreti was the mayor of Neuilly, richest city in France. Now it is Nicolas Sarkozy who is the mayor as he made a “putsch” after this providential heart attack…The thing is that in my home town, the same thing happened.


I think that Nicolas Sarkozy is falling in his own trap and French people don’t like to be manipulated…


Never the less, I would fight for you french girl to have the right to vote Sarkozy. Quite a few people i get along with do think like you.


ambition is the refuge of failure (Oscar Wilde)

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Hugs :-)
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Oh Fi Now I'm going to worry about you worrying about Cecile worrying all the time

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate

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This has been a very long road for me.

We have never gotten this far.

First I must ask, Please, protect our loved ones.

Father, I Humbly ask for thine Divine Grace.

Help us here.

With your Supernatural Presence help us show each other the Utmost Dignity and Respect.

With thine Guidance help us to be with Truth, Justice, Righteousness,

and help us to restore Social Stability, and Cosmic Order to this World, Your Earth. Our Earth Mother.

Above all in all this we need your help to be Honorable.

To achieve a Higher Ideal of Human Existence!

No more hunger, strife, disease, crime, poverty, greed, deceit, or malevolence.

On Earth it shall be as is in Heaven....

Only If we find you in each and every one of us.

In myself.

Sir? Thank You!

Dudette / Dude
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don't worry for me guys
i get smashed all right in good company. I am just serious on the net.

haven't lived in Ireland for long for nothing

I think i drink more beer than Walkiry prays. Here some irish "jesus" enclosed.

ambition is the refuge of failure (Oscar Wilde)

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Amazing Grace
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Baby cheeses!  Quelle drolle! 
(Hope I spelled that right.)

I'm cheesy for laughing at that, I know ....but  I really laughed at the two chocolate bunny rabbits, too.  I saw them first on Adam Pascal's MySpace and sent them to friends and family. 

We need to visualize a beautiful, safe, happy future and help make it happen. As Charles Herbert said in Dune, "Fear is the mindkiller."

"People say she's crazy she's got diamonds on the soles of her shoes. Well, that's one way to lose these walkin' on the soles of her shoes." Paul Simon
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