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  • The Bizarre History of Common Sayings

    Started by BlueRhapsody: means: Accepting something difficult or unpleasant. As in, "You're going to have to bite the bullet and admit you killed that hooker."...

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  • Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants

    Started by britelite: Crackdown on illegal immigration The Bush administration announced a series of steps Friday to bolster security on the border, heighten...

    33 2,385

    Started by : Brought to you by Hyundai. April 10, 1866 : ASPCA is founded On April 10, 1866, the American Society for...

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  • You Tell Them, George

    Started by Pinkie: The Day the World Gets 'Round the day the world gets round, to understanding where it is using all its found, to help each other hand...

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  • Dexter

    Started by Haggisbasher: I have now managed to watch the two series of Dexter and boy what a show. Chellypoos, you were right. I love it and worryingly (I think) I am...

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  • Hitler speaks

    Started by : This is a documentary (+/- 46 minutes) about Hitler. Hitler had a carefully constructed public image. He was coached to deliver speeches and use his...

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  • Susan! So you think "Radio Stations are Fun"?

    Started by JIMMUH: How much fun do you think you would have, if it was summertime, the temperature in the mid 80's, humudity about the same, or HIGHER, and YOU a...

    16 1,120
  • off-topic (aren't they all) UK news - Shannon

    Started by : Can any British group members explain what is happening with the saga of that little 9 year old girl Shannon Matthews, who disappeared for weeks and...

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  • Stress Diet

    Started by : BRIDGET JONES STYLE STRESS DIET: This is a specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds up during the day. It...

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  • I'm Sorry, Alex

    Started by Pinkie: I'm sorry, Alex. I criticised something you wrote, but then went on to say we all get carried away sometimes. I will go delete the remark (and also...

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