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  • True Grit is super

    Started by nocable: Just saw "True Grit" w/ your performance on "Grit TV." My 1st viewing of the movie. Just awesome entertaining. The dialogue is...

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  • Eating out in the Queen of Belgian Seaside Resorts on a grey, dull Sunday

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: I walked to the center of town this morning to taste the atmosphere of the New Year reception organized by the City of Ostend. Instead of trying to...

    12 74
  • Happy New Year

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: I still have to adjust to the new format here, especially because I am using my iPad and IPhone. My fingers need a lot of time to type and I make...

    8 36
  • Communicate

    Started by Mary Lydia Dugan: Jeff, there was something I forgot to ask you last time I saw you and the family. Could you please call Lydia at xxxxxxx. Its important. Thank you.

    1 16
  • Reading?

    Started by michele: After All the Light I read The Other Family by Joanna Trollope. Now I'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife. Very different. It took me a bit to get...

    19 68
  • Sales

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: Have you guys gone shopping already? Officially, Winter sales started at the beginning of the new year, although many shops already offered stuff at...

    4 14
  • Women after 50

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: Yann Moix is a French author who thinks that women after 50 are too old to love. They are invisible, and their bodies are not desirable. His views...

    4 28
  • Golden Globe Speech

    Started by Johnnie: Just wanted to say that I thought the speech given by Jeff at the Golden Globes was great. It showed a love of many things but mostly a love of life...

    4 26
  • "Life Is But A Dream" in 11 Parts !!

    Started by Pinkie: Haven't you guys seen this? It's so funny ! So droll. Jeff B. is so funny when he's being a big sarcastic grouch. He makes a bunch of people in an...

    13 97
  • How Are You Frugal?

    Started by Pinkie: The commercialized aspect of Christmas, the greed and materialism, starts to disgust me every holiday season, but I was still surprised by this: At...

    23 101
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