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  • Nicky .... Help!

    Started by Haggisbasher: Not The Beatles song but site trouble. This new layout really is not too friendly especially on my tablet and phone. It's too much effort trying to...

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  • Doing nothing

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: "New research has shown that regular meditation can increase gray matter in the frontal cortex, the area of the brain linked to decision making...

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  • Villa to rent

    Started by alyhels: Hi Everyone We are new to this board and was hoping to find some information regarding renting in Malta, we are thinking of buying a property in...

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  • In the picture - a new adventure?

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: My niece and I have registered to play as extras in FC De Kampioenen, which was a very popular TV series. Jan Verheyen has directed three movies...

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    Started by CoyoteRoy: If you click on the Members tab above, it shows the "Top Posters." I made the cut with one post! Geez, the board was a lot livelier back in...

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  • Only Living Boy in New York

    Started by Nicky: Check out the new trailer for Only Living Boy in New York: https://youtu.be/guCZfa6pE6k

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  • Still Dreaming

    Started by Gardener: Jeff is the sleep guru and with sleep comes dreaming. When I’m not working, working on something, supermodelin on the weekends, practicing martial...

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  • AHAB

    Started by cordibaz: Hi all my friends and Dude fans,, Well ive finally got round to posting my poem about the story of Moby Dick, hope you like it. AHAB By Barrie...

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  • What day is this?

    Started by HulaGirlComingBack: When I woke up around 4 am I thought it was Friday. It is only Thursday. As a result I got up at 6.30 am to get the waste bag out. They collect it at...

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  • Classic Lucy Ball Pix ! (And Desi)

    Started by Pinkie: I spied these beauties today and snagged them in my (worldwide) net:

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