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Restless Soul
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The internet is full of it. Do you believe any of it?
81st Academy Awards resultsleaked online’
Hindustan Times, India - Feb 19, 2009
However, an Academy Awards rep has branded the list a ‘complete fraud’ and has said that the Oscar votes are still being counted. ...
Oscars results 'leaked online'
Secret Oscar footage: Plant or leak? Los Angeles Times
Leaked Oscar-Winner List Is a "Complete Fraud" E! Online
The Press Association - Hindu
LEAKED: Changes to This Year's Oscars
Huffington Post, NY - 18 hours ago
I'm sure you are all just as thrilled as we are as we prepare to trundle out old Oscar® and friends for another unforgettable evening of movie magic. ...
Oscars 2009: leaked winners list sparks betting frenzy, United Kingdom - 14 hours ago
Since the "leaked" list appeared this week, bookmaker Paddy Power has taken nearly £40000 in bets on Adams, who has won nothing so far this season for her ...


Dudette / Dude
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It was a matter of time before this kind of information "leaked" however the cynic in me says that the "powers that be" wouldn't even trust their own partners, so interesting.

But, you can't trust anybody today, scary.


Lady Lebowski
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They've said that the list is fake, and I think it probably is, although I also think that some of the winners on there will be the actual winners. I hope Mickey Rourke wins for The Wrestler.
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Restless Soul
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Have you seen The Wrestler? It has been released here, but is not playing in my hometown at the moment.
I also think the list is fake.

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Not long now and you will find out, I hope Kate Winslet wins she has had a couple of near misses


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