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Hi Kasey, Glad to hear the situation wasn't as serious as you'd feared. I can well imagine the hospitals being in that state, it's no better up here in Scotland, though I do think the staff all work so hard and they are trying to beat MRSA

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How are you today, Kasey?


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Hahaha...oh god, I love these animal photos where unlikely animals interact. Thanks Michele...made me smile.

Give us an update Kasey when you know, ok?

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cute picture!!
hopefully Kasey will let us know how things are now.

K9 Compassion. i love the work they do, they rescue dogs who are made to fight. how could anyone do that to an animal. i support them with monthly donations.

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It is very worrying when parents start becoming ill.

That is true.

When something happens to them, you sometimes only realize how nervous and stressed you are after it is all over and they are fine again. Take good care of yourself, your mom and Aimee, Kasey.
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