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Banned Hag? LOl.

We probably have bread scented candles here, there's a candle shop that has everything. If I find one, I shall buy it and send it to you. (Seriously).

These "Pistolets" look good, Hula. I especially like the male thing.

We have had a major issue with bread here. The big supermarkets have been caught price-fixing. I wondered why bread was so expensive, when it's not that expensive to make.

So one of them (one of the huge ones - and Walmart was included in this scandal) have offered everyone a $25.00 gift card, as they are trying to avoid a huge law suit. I signed up for the 25. (you can spend it at any of their stores on groc) and got Allan and the girls to sign up, too.

In it, you have to click off the little box that says you won't sue. 

How disgusting, though. Big corporations price fixing bread, a staple in homes.

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Yup.  Banned!  I'll do you a swap and send you a gingerbread candle.  They smell so good.

Oh edit.  Bread here (the branded bakers anyway) is very expensive.  Even supermarket own is unacceptable.  It costs more than £1 for a loaf.  That's around $1.60.  But I did mention I think when we came back from Boston on how I was shocked at the price of it in the US and how it was more than here, which I always find surprising because the UK is VERY expensive for anything usually, more than the States and mainland Europe.  But the price of bread does seem to be way overpriced.  I'm happy to not eat it so much now.  But the smell of it ..... wonderful.


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