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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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You just click on the link she provided, and you can hear it
"more sinned against than sinning"--shall be on my tombstone

"Transpersonal psychology--transcend the self, to abolish and avoid pain...what is the self, anyway?"--Pinkie
"Queen of Pain, I'll Always be Queen of Pain" (laughs)with apologies to Sting
"Yes it's over now, drink your big black cow, and get outa here"--Steely Dan
"I'm just a girl, they think I'm some kind of freak"--Gwen Stefani
"You can beat us with wires, you can beat us with chains;
You can make all your rules but you can't outrun the history train...I seen a glorious day"--Paul Simon

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Yes Pinkie thànk you
give it time to load and put speakers on .....    blogtalk radio show link

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The Finder
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So good to read this!  I'll do a bit of catching up then.  Rock on Mama!
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