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Keep the heid
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Originally Posted by Pinkie
Something I wonder about Dundee since reading a peculiar novel based there--it can't really be as weird as that novel depicted it, LOL, the novel was creative writing and very imaginative. That's probably why the place came off like it did. As pretty odd, LOL !
Helen, weren't you born in London? But now obviously consider yourself a Scot (?).
Does your daughter still live with y'all? If so you can keep a sharp eye on her better--hope you've had "the talk" w/ her about the boys. If that's not getting too personal.

I don't know what book you read but I doubt Dundee is any weirder than anywhere else lol And I am from Dundee but lived in London for nearly 30 years due to dads work, as mentioned above. The girl was also born here and I think she still lives at home. I'm aware occasionally that she is on the premises demanding to be fed 🍽🍳


I love everybody.  Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face. <~~~~ for Jeff vid clips

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Hugs :-)
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I don't enjoy travel .. I'm very much a homely woman and I get anxiety when I'm too far from home but I really enjoy reading and seeing pictures of other peoples travels.

Funny to think us who have been members here for many years have all seen each others kids grow from children to adults. My youngest is 22 and has been in a long term relationship for 3 years now.. he's a nice lad, a typical tall dark and handsome fella, a mechanic with his own business.  They are both saving like crazy to afford a place of their own so it wont be long till she flee's the nest... I say that with excitement as well as a little bit of sadness .. how can my baby have a home of her own, she's too young [wink]  [biggrin]

Ive seen hubbies strawberries ... I told him he could make a business out of that Helen lol  and you with your soups

Ive had surgery to my eyes. I had them lasered back in 2004.   I had to lay there while the computerised machine used its tiny scalpel to cut around the (cornea)  pupil of my eyes one at a time to create the flap for the surgeon to lift it back so the laser blaster did its job.. that was weird but I didn't feel anything as my eyes were numb. I will admit to being scared but they gave me a pill an hour before that totally relaxed me so all was ok. 

You know this world is an unjust F**ked up place when they can put a person on the moon but cant invent zero calorie Chocolate
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