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 Do you agree with Obama: marihuana is no more dangerous than alcohol
 yes 2 33%
 no 0 0%
 depends 3 50%
 they are equally dangerous 1 16%
 pffff 0 0%
Total votes: 6. This poll has been closed.

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It is very important to get rid of the drug abuse or addiction. It becomes necessary that you get the treatment during the initial stage otherwise it will become hard to get rid of it. One of my friends is also getting her treatment at the suboxone treatment virginia beach center. Hope it helps her.

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You never know when you are in the initial stage.  

You never quit until you want to.

And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.

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I haven't smoked cannabis in a couple A months but I have smoked on and off since I was in High School. I have grown well over a thousand strains and made a couple hundred of my own cross pollinations. I learned a lot from cultivating it and it has expanded into a wide variety of gardening. I don't like to call it Marijuana because that is a term used to affiliate it with immigration back when people were anti immigration. It is definitely not for everyone and has different effects on different people. It does have a lot of medicinal properties especially strains high in CBD's and low in THC. It is great for cancer patients that need to get their appetite back. As a medicine people probably consider that medicine is for people who are sick and it is probably not healthy to inhale any type of smoke in any large dose. It does make it hard to get a job because most insurance companies use it as a reason to not pay out claims. With it being federally illegal there's not going to be any testing to access acceptable amounts in the blood stream. Cannabis can last a month or longer in the blood or urine because THC and other cannibinoids bond with fat cells. Cannibinoids already exist in the brain so the mode of action in which it gets people high is unique to brain chemistry. As far as being as dangerous as alcohol it depends on tolerance and individual effects. I have a few friends that could smoke all day every day and go out and drive race cars at a professional level. Some people are completely impaired or can become uncomfortable and sometimes lazy. Outside of medical use cannabis is a lot like alcohol it promotes social interactions. It is not physically addictive like alcohol and other drugs however it can be psychologically addictive. If you are to smoke it you might research terpenoids. For example citrinol or limine flavored strains are often more uplifting and social where strains mycrene or lilalool flavored might make a person tired. The first two are exactly how they sound lime or citrus, mycrene is a berry flavor and lilalool is a floral flavor like lavender. Anyhow whether someone smokes or drinks has nothing to do with what type of person they are. People predisposed to addiction should probably avoid both but at least with cannabis it is unlikely to black out or engage in risky behavior you usually would not. Last year I helped grow a few thousand pounds for legal operations in Washington so I have a pro bias.

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Another overlooked aspect of cannabis use I should mention is the legal status has very little to do with whether or not it is safe. There's an industrial logistical problem with cannabis. The largest license available in Washington State is 30,000 square feet of canopy are. An acre is 43,560 square feet, Most crops require a lot of area. In the area that I live in crop circles are usually 100 to 130 acres. On less than 1 acre a several year supply for a lot of people can be grown for fairly low cost compared to other crops. Depending on quality average cannabis prices in Washington State are $800 to $1800 per pound. Before recreational cannabis the average price for high quality cannabis was $2500 to $3500 per pound. If everyone grew cannabis the market would collapse. It has happened to other crops. Back in the 1980's a mint farmer grew and abundance of mint and stored thousands of barrels of mint oil. They collapsed the market by flooding the market and selling for far less than market value. They put the majority of their competitors out of business and secured a monopoly. There are 1245 recreational producers in Washington and 424 retail outlets. So there's only around 858 acres of cannabis being cultivated by recreational farmers. Farmers in this area sometimes far 5,000 to 10,000 acres. Small cash crop farms such as squash can be 20 to 100 acres. There are a few crops that can be grown on a smaller scale however most crops require a lot more acreage and are worth far less. Anyhow that might help as far as perspective.
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