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 Do you agree with Obama: marihuana is no more dangerous than alcohol
 yes 2 33%
 no 0 0%
 depends 3 50%
 they are equally dangerous 1 16%
 pffff 0 0%
Total votes: 6. This poll has been closed.

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Obama: marijuana is ‘no more dangerous than alcohol’ (and users should not be jailed)

I am just curious and it is the first part of his opinion that interests me. What do you think?

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Personally - I really need to do some experimenting with marijuana so I can do a fair comparison.

But as a self-described expert in alcohol use and abuse, I will state my humble opinion that marijuana is much less harmful. 
I know what alcohol can do and I never heard of pot doing any of that damage.  Oh I could go on and on but I think I may have made my point.  Or not.

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I can't see an option for "I really don't know".  I would suspect that alcohol is more dangerous, like Ali says, although the illegality of marijuana makes it more risky and might be more likely to lead to harder drugs.  I really don't know.  What's your opinion, Justy?

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What is said about marijuana generally in the media does not seem to match up with my personal experience with it. I tried it around 40 years ago. I had a bad allergic reaction to it, so never really got into it.  But the times being what they have been, and the artsy fartsy nature of my friends, I've seen a lot of it. I've seen a lot of people who certainly exhibited addictive behavior, but then turned around and quit cold turkey with very little fuss. It seems like cigarettes are a bigger monkey to get off your back. People talk about going to rehab for marijuana addiction, but I believe it is more of a psychological addition and in conjunction with other addictive drugs.

The big thing abut marijuana is there are people doing hard time in hard prisons over it. Some of them perhaps committed violent crimes, or were connected to violent criminals in the distribution of drugs. But my impression is there are many people in prison for marijuana related drug crimes that frankly shouldn't be there.

Please don't presume that I am saying marijuana use is benign, or suggest anybody try it. That's not my bag. In fact Ali, I seriously doubt anybody "needs" to experiment with it. But, that's your path to choose. I'm just saying that the threat to society from legalization is perhaps a lot of hype from people who should know better. I've certainly had more problem with drunks than I have with stoners. Maybe my personal experience is anecdotal and unreliable, but there it is.


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Funny ~ those who do know aren't believed. I knew a young man who had been introduced to ALL of the above in his youth ~ brilliant, talented, sharp ~ who could have been a shining star in many different avenues ~ desperately tried to cure his addictions using the sparse 28 days allowed by standard coverage of insurance ~ it didn't take ~ he died at age 43 ~ after ALL the substances had destroyed much of his brilliance, language skills, & his ability to discern why it was happening , as well as his body.

I do know. I saw it happen. He was the "poster child" for what substance abuse does ... 
Ironic, no matter what the evidence, people will only believe what they want to believe.

There is probably a medicinal need for the "herb" but our drug industry has become so corrupt now, ... how can one know it will be handled with integrity if legalized ~ it seems none of the others are ~ really ... 

I personally would never trust the factions that press so hard and loudly for legalization, considering, observing, the sources, and their "fruits," for decades.

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