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The new short film created by OPI, Instinct of Color has us all talking. The video is definitely one of a kind in the nail polish world. It has beautiful women performing different types of dance as a dance off with Lady in Black, a thoroughbred two stepping horse who is named after OPI's dark polish color Lady in Black.
The horse, dubbed Lady in Black, after the classic black nail lacquer is trained by equestrian trainer Mario Luraschi, and is up to the challenge of going step-for-step with four human dancers.
The stunning dark animal was animated, rendered and tracked 3D legs into many of the shots showing the horse making a series of complicated dance moves. The goal was to have a seamless photorealistic look to both animation and render.
The 3D model was painstakingly matched to that of the real horse, which was then followed by our talented team of animators that worked to replicate realistic movements based on the footage of the original horse.
The video was created by ad agency DAN Paris and the song used in the clip is 'Down the Road' by French DJs C2C.
There is a dance off you won't want to miss!

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