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I just hate it when I miss the man on a talk show.  I'll wait for On Demand so I can see him on the big screen.  Jeff's energy for these press junkets and promotions is truly inspiring.  He never appears tired or grumpy, always smiles and laughs and wears nice clothes.

Thanks, Nicky!

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I saw that show. They got pretty silly.

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Part of interview is on YouTube probably also on ABC website. Didn't know Jeff advertised bear mace. Bears usually try to avoid humans unless they just came out of hibernation, get startled, and if they are old and sick. Amazing he saw some mountain lions those are usually stealthy animals. Hard to track except in snow. There's a book called "The Tracker" by Tom Brown Jr. there's a story in there about Stalking Wolf a Native American tracker he learned from about bear slapping. As a dare the Natives would sneak up on a bear and slap them in the ass and run. Unfortunately one of Stalking Wolf's friends was attacked and killed by a bear but it used to be a right of passage. If you're not trying to encounter a bear in the woods make plenty of noise but bear mace might be a good idea also.

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There are a lot of bear encounters this time of year.  Hunters go out and are trying to be quiet.  Not good in bear country.  They startle bears and the bears are very busy eating to put on weight for winter.  So - bears get angry and attack.  There have been two grizzly bear maulings so far this fall.
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