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I love learning about writing. Yes indeed, as you say, a continuous work in progress.  
Here's a rare useful book about writing by an editor of the New York Times:    SEVERAL SHORT SENTENCES ABOUT WRITING  by VERLYN KLINKENBORG.
So many wonderful pointers in that book,like this one: "Above all with presence - - the feeling that each sentence isn't merely a static construct but inhabited by the writer."  
I find that one works for becoming mindful of the reader too - - the guy outside your head who doesn't know what you're going to say next.  
Kurt Vonnegut was great at staying aware of the reader so no one fell off the back of the bus.  
And he saw the connection between reading and meditation - - and once a writer knows that, s/he values Space on the page, creates ventillation in the text: room to breathe, space to think.  Haikus have that in spades.  
Kurt Vonnegut: 

“A person getting information from a book, purely by accident, simply because a book requires this, achieves isolation and a body state recommended by Oriental holy persons as ideal for meditation.”

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