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 Which rug can tie the room together?
 Azur 2 66%
 Bruges Blue 0 0%
 Bronx Azurite 0 0%
 Orange Blue 1 33%
 I do not like any of them. They all suck. 0 0%
Multiple choice poll. Total votes: 3. This poll has been closed.

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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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Seriously. I think I will go for the Azur vintage specimen or perhaps the orange/blue one.

Vintage - Azur
Vintage - Bruges Blue
Fading World Agra Sur - Light Blue Orange
Mad Men Bronx Azurite

I ordered a new huge wardrobe with giant sliding mirror doors (so I can really have a good admiring look at myself!) for the second bedroom. A handyman came to dismantle the old wardrobe. As a result, my bedroom contains two new elements, ie. two holes: one in the floor and one in the ceiling. The latter is almost invisible, but the first will require some camouflage, since I do not believe I can fix the floor easily. The best solution seems  to be a rug that ties it all together.

Which do you prefer?




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Hugs :-)
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I like the first one more than the others to be honest Martine .. mind you I do not like the colour orange, for some reason ive never gelled with that colour what so ever ... I'm more of a pink or aqua blue/green or very light blue kind of person .. hence my choice on your chart [smile]
The new wardrobes sound amazing!

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I like the first one and the orange one, depending on the light in the room. I think the orange one would look warmer and golden. I didn't realize we were allowed to vote for more than one option and now it won't let me go back and re-do. The second and fourth one look a bit too grey to me and therefore might make the room drab. However... it all depends on the light and the walls and whatever else you've got going on in that room! Brogan would be a good resource to advise you.
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