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Anyone have any interesting hobbies or crazy stories? I worked a few retail jobs and the highlight was always listening to people's jokes and stories. I see Jeff is into art and photography. Anyhow I live in the Pacific Northwest in the Columbia Basin area. Not for everyone it is farm country with wide open spaces. Where I live is well known for wine grapes but thanks to irrigation hundreds of crops are grown. The season is not as long as California but it is hard to find better apples, grapes, or stone fruits. At first glance it's just more grassland and sagebrush typical of dry areas in the west but from the right spot you can see hundreds of miles in any direction. Mt. Adams and Rainer to the west and the blue mountains to the south. The East and North is rolling hills the Horse Heaven and Rattlesnake hills. Something has to be on fire on the freeway to cause a traffic jam and that doesn't even last that long. The mountains or lakes are just an hour or two away in any direction. Hops have been grown here since water has been available so it's cousin cannabis also thrives. I am a gardener mostly I grow herbs, flowers, trees, vegetables, and whatever else I can get to grow. I probably have 10 kinds of mint and as many varieties of things I can get my hands on. I grow organic poly culture so the work is endless. I like to hear or read about things out of my element. Unfortunately a gardener has been convinced by their plant overlords that they are responsible for the success of the plants. Would like to get into extracts, rosemary for example is used as an antibiotic for chickens in their drinking water. The days of taking acid and jumping off a 40' cliff next to a waterfall have been replaced by watching dragonflies and preying mantis. What kind of crazy things go on in other parts of the world?

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Hmmm, you grow herbs? That is interesting. Do you sell your produce? We used to have a vegetable garden, but stopped growing our own stuff after my father died. I have added a picture of my own crops [smile]. When I look out my windows I see a church tower, the Kennedy roundabout, seagulls flying high and low on their way back to the North Sea. I see the cold wind teasing the violets on my balcony.

I knit, I take pictures of eveything I come acroos - with my smart phone, I take my dog for short walks in the park around the corner, I support the local basketball team (BC Telenet Oostende). I love Chokotoffs. And Van, of course. And his Dudeness too.

Unfortunately, I have no crazy stories. I have just gotten out of bed. And I have tostart cleaning.

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I don't sell herbs from the garden it requires licensing WSDA and FDA have to track. Last year I worked for a legal cannabis company and helped grow a few thousand pounds. There's at least 15 production facilities in the general area. I used to spray fields commercially but one relative got sick another died in the same industry. I became interested in alternative methods to using herbicides or pesticides. Poly culture with the right combination of plants creates a sustainable environment but it is hard to scale up because of practicality. With autonomous equipment like Farmbot but scaled up to industrial size it seems possible. I started reading books on herbal remedies and medicinal gardening. Pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides are made synthetically by mimicking natural extracts. Companies decide if it is more practical to extract or if possible duplicate. Most life is carbon based so to synthesize something they usually start with a coal tar as carbon building block. Anyhow most side effects are from manufactured drugs rather than extracts. The problem is to grow something commercially requires some sort of treatment. Humans plant mono culture or single crops which is practical for harvesting. Spraying certain herbaceous plants or flowers would contaminate extracts. One of the causes of decreasing bee populations is crops that don't require pollination. Sorry to hear about your dad. Jeff's portrayal of The Dude always cheers me up. The Walter character reminds me of many people I have known. I like his other movies also. It's great to see an old one and remember he was in that one also. Acting is something out of my element so someone who can play a wide variety seamlessly instead of specialized roles is incredible to watch. I've always respected a writers ability to bring characters to life. It is one thing to write short stories but a complete different level of mastery to convert it to films. Nice pictures I have never been there maybe tomorrow I'll take a few pictures. Woke up for no reason a little smoke and some music to help relax.

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Great photos, HulaGirl! I look forward to seeing yours, Ben. I'm not much in a writing mood today but am enjoying reading your descriptions of where you live. Seeing as I just had my U.S. anniversary (can I dwell on that any longer?! [wink] ) I'll give a brief description of the places I've lived in this beautiful country. For the first 10 years I lived in Santa Barbara, a few blocks from the ocean with the mountains in the other direction. There were palm trees outside my windows and light bouncing off every surface, with blue, blue skies and sparkling seas. The temperature was always moderate, because of the protective bay and the mountains, so the seasonal changes were subtle. At that time I mostly lived in a converted garage with a tiny, enclosed yard. My next home was outside Ojai, CA on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest for 10 years. I lived in the magical Matilija Canyon, alongside bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, mountain lions, black widows and wild fires. The house was originally a small single wide cabin without glass in the windows that had been updated a little over the years and had a red tin roof. A wood burning stove heated the house in the winter. There was a river at the bottom of the three acre property that ran all year, despite the drought. In the night the stars were bright and the animal sounds were soothing. Now I live in Bellingham, WA, where there are wonderful lakes for my dog to swim in and green all around. The seasons are extremely noticeable and welcome, and the ground will grow almost anything. 

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Y'all live in beautiful places, love seeing the pix of them too, and your vivid descriptions. I'm in the South U.S.A. "cornpone county" in lower N.C. but very near S.C., swampy but some gorgeous woods, rural, lots of flora and fauna and not very far from the ocean. Also just a few hours from the N.C. mountains. So, good location, actually.  Small cities are fairly close by, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Florence, Fayetteville. The county seat town isn't all that small. It's bustling and booming compared to the little toy town here surrounded by beautiful countryside. I get tired of this town sometime, but it's the only place I have a nice, big house to live in, of my own. Was my childhood old home place. Been "on the road" since age 18 living in various locales so it feels kind of weird to have finally settled down, also feels nice too, at times.  Hurricane Matthew roared through here in October, hit here hardest. Quite an experience. Hope it's not repeated !
More later, gator (yeah we got gators here, and some people eat them ! Ugh)--

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