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Moondance Tintin Chili Beans Martini
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Your aggression will not stand man.

Hollywood, oh, Hollywood.

Jeff Bridges comments:'his-behavior-terrible.'/106487366/

Image result for harvey weinstein cartoons

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I love that depiction of the predator, but it does do a disservice to pigs.  

And God said "let there be light".
Then General Electric pushed him out of the way and the era of Corporate America was born to rule the universe.

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How many knew and remained silent? How many?

Oh, some suspected. They even "warned" others - what to look out for. Now, they're all saying:

"Terrible," and "Brave women," to come forward.

Did they know?

True, an up and coming actor would be hard pressed to say anything about a powerhouse like Weinstein. But what about when they did become huge? What did it take for Ashley Judd to finally come out? What about Brad & Angie, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, or others - why didn't they all get together and say, "We gotta do something about this?"

Matt Daemon, he went as far as to put pressure on a magazine to stop a story that was defamatory to Weinstein. Now he says:

Oh, Gee. I didn't know . . . !!!!!?????

Awe, Poor, poor Matt is upset over this. Yes, because his name is being dragged through the mud. Perhaps he should have been upset at the time --- with himself--- to defend such a disgusting individual.

What about Clinton? The Obama administration? Weinstein contributed greatly to both. Hollywood is not a large circle. Are you telling me that they, too, did not know? 

And what about other directors? Producers? None of them are saying much. Is that because this is the standard there? I wonder, how do some become famous, and others, just as beautiful, talented, etc, not?


Yes, we all knew this existed, but finally they are saying no more. But what else is to come? Why not break ALL the silences? First Cosby, now Weinstein. Why stop there? Why not clean up Hollywood for good? 

I fear there is far, far more of this going on than most of us common folk realize. 

Meanwhile, CNN is yattling on about Eminen slams Trump in rap at bet hip hop awards.

Who gives a f-u-c-k? 

Sorry to go on, but this is disgusting. They congratulate themselves with award shows statues and on and on, and yet this is the sordid reality of what's going on "behind the scenes" in Hollywood.

Why was the cover not lifted off this pandora's box, years and years and years earlier?

And yes, the irony that I am rambling on about the hypocrisy in Hollywood on a Hollywood site does not escape me. And for that I must thank Jeff, and also apologize if he finds my lamenting offensive.

But I feel the question of "WHY?" must be asked.


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Oh, one more thing:

When Seth McFarlane was hosting the awards, he made an "inside" joke. They all got it. We didn't.

And still, Hollywood remains silent.


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Pinkie in the Pink Palace
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Weinstein  was threatening to kill himself over this scandal, and his daughter finally packed him off to get rehab for sex addiction, last I heard.  Sure love some of his movies (some of Woody Allen's, too). So all this was especially disturbing and distressing. One troll said in comments "those actresses are all hookers anyway, anything to get in the movies"--oh it's all a big sordid mess.  "The Casting Couch" has always loomed ominously, and the powerful taking advantage. My sister blames a lot of it on Viagra, said it makes them run wild.
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