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AARRGHHH! I just wrote a long, thought out response to this and then deleted one thing and the whole lot disappeared. UGH! Here's the gist of it:
I really like what you wrote, Pinkie. I agree that there is a lot of wisdom to be found in other religions about how to live together harmoniously. I find it funny/sad that some people take the bible so literally when it was written at a time when metaphor was the way to get a message across, before science and facts became popular. I used to visit the Vedanta temple in Santa Barbara regularly when I lived there, to sit and let worries slip away - it was so peaceful! I can't remember what else I wrote but I'm sure it was extremely deep and meaningful! [smile]

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I wish your words hadn't got lost in the ethers, Nicky. That's happened to me a bunch and it's frustrating. Sometimes I could recreate the original almost in its entirety, but that's not always possible.  What you did write I found edifying and provocative, and true.
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