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Thanks for the picture of Zellwegger as Judy, Martine. This is gonna be a Debbie Downer movie concentrated on Garland's harrowing final downfall as well as her glory--it might turn out to be a turkey, but then again, I'm somewhat curious. It's so true Renee can't hope to sing even half as well. And the upcoming
"A Star is Born" starring Lady Gaga also sounds dodgy, but there again, I'm curious  to see how Gaga pulls it off. And again, she can't hope to hold a candle to Judy ! 
I'm excited "Pitch Perfect 3" is out on DVD now, and will rush to get it. That movie entertained me a lot, made me laugh, and I loved the music. The other Pitch Perfects did too. I found the first one to be a bit slight and light on plot, but the sequels I considered smashes. I want to get "The Only Living Boy in New York" as it's supposed to be out on DVD now. I didn't get to see it on the big screen. Has anyone seen that? It co-stars Jeff Bridges. The trailer made it appear to be  an entertaining and  sort of romantic comedy. Starring two mature hunks, Bridges and Pierce Brosnan, and the lively and beautiful Kate Beckinsale, and what looked like an American Eddie Redmayne (sort of), can't recall his name.

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